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In this wild business world, we are your digital optimization company that builds authentic and transparently profitable relationships in every experience. We are building a community of authentic leaders that consistently attract and retain a customer base online and off.


We created Wildly Digital in June 2018 and what a wild journey it has been! Since starting Wildly Digital we have harnessed our strengths, grown our weaknesses and discovered the needs of our clients and their customers. 

We have built a process that not only focuses on the brand experience and the experience of the customer. 

We look at the experiences taking place internally and how that is affecting the outward experience and reputation of your company. 


Wildly Digital creates an organized and cohesive approach to managing all of your digital assets to maximize return on investment.  

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Team Members

Meet our team

Meghan McNabb is Wildly Digital's Chief Experience Officer, she has spent over 10 years working with and in businesses, optimizing and making sure their brand experience is flawless from start to finish! She also has an extensive background in marketing and social media marketing With her experience in helping brands integrate their systems effectively, she has developed a keen eye for finding efficient methods to maximize your ROI by reducing costs and increasing business productivity overall.














Kate Lahey is our Chief Creative Officer, she has a creative soul and applies it to everything she does. Kate has a background in Journalism Broadcasting and social media marketing. She has a passion for photography, videography, writing and researching. All of her passions help her connect with the Wildly Digital team, each client and their business to bring every vision to life throughout all digital media platforms.
















Addison is an experienced graphic designer with a background in print production. He is passionate about creating visual media that communicates information and that engages consumers. His portfolio includes a variety of design content including logos, packaging, advertisements, brochures, and posters. Addison has in-depth knowledge of various design software, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Bridge, and CorelDraw. Addison was previously with The Adidas Group and is currently employed by one of Ontario’s top print providers. His strong attention to detail and design quality serves him well in choosing colours, text style, images and overall layout. He is a highly motivated individual who enjoys collaborating with clients and team members. As a resident of the Waterloo region, Addison works closely with many local companies assisting them with brand differentiation.

Chris is a media specialist with a particular love for videography and photography. Having a background in both Broadcast Journalism and Advertising & Marketing, Chris has the ability to develop a concept in his mind’s eye and see it through to completion. Through photography, Chris has covered events such as KW’s Oktoberfest, weddings, maternity shoots, and corporate events. On the video side of things, Chris has extensive experience as a real estate videographer for See Your House Now, as well as developing his own web series about local restaurants titled “Table For Two.” Chris has also completed two conference videos with Wildly Digital.










Meet our team

As with any small business, it's important to work together with those around you. With that, we have partnered with like-minded businesses to really provide full solutions for your business. We partner with only the best in their businesses to make sure that we can bring each of our clients exactly what they need. Our partners include:

BNR MEDIA GROUP is a creative content agency BNR specializes in creating great visual content. This takes the form of exceptional video production and motion graphic design. we partner with you to tell your story and position your brand in a way that sets you apart- clear, creative, intentional.

Infinity Marketing & Design provides a modern approach to web design, digital advertising and gives guidance on navigating the "search engine world."

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